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Re: More ammunition ... was Re: Making a floppy fails?

On 12/30/1999 8:45 PM David Gilbert wrote:
>is the whole URL ... in there are things like eepro.rom

I downloaded the eepro100.rom and floppyload.bin files from the above URL 
and did (as root):
  # cat floppyload.bin eepro100.rom > /dev/fd0

The code seems to load and run, and searches for the adapter (I don't 
have an eepro100 card, but clearly the driver code is executing here).

Things to check:

1. Try a freshly formatted DOS diskette.  I have had some floppies become 
unusable on occasion.  Formatting them sometimes fixed them.

2. Try connecting a floppy directly to the workstation you're building on 
to avoid the possibility that during the copy process the file is 
corrupted by some over-zealous text conversion or 7-bit communication 
path bug.
2a. Try making a tar file of the two files and ftp'ing that (in binary 
mode) to the machine with the floppy drive.

3. Check your BIOS settings to make sure that memory isn't being shadowed 
or otherwise stepped on peculiarly.  By the way, what kind of machine is 
this, and what version of what BIOS is it running?  What kind of 
motherboard, how much RAM, etc.  All these bits of information might be 
significant to someone on the list.

4. Check the phase of the moon, and your horoscope ;-) 

But keep going, we're eliminating possibilities rapaidly.  Stay with it.



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