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Re: More ammunition ... was Re: Making a floppy fails?

>OK.  More ammunition:  If I cat together the 3c90x code with the
>floppyload.bin, I get this:
>Loading ROM image........
>ROM segment 0x1000 length 0x4000
>Etherboot/32 version 4.2.11 (GPL) for [3C90X]
>Probing...[3C90X]No adapter found<sleep>
>Which indicates that the floppyload image itself is working and that
>the eepro.rom file doesn't like working with it.

Which may indicate an error in building eepro.rom that you ignored. AFAIK
nobody else has indicated any problems of this sort with eepro.  The
etherboot framework is the same for all NICs so at the least eepro.rom
should print the starting banner. Is eepro.rom zero length or something
like that?
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