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Re: newbee question

On 12/27/1999 1:04 AM Ken Yap wrote:
>No. Tagged images are Netboot/Etherboot specific.

This brings a question to mind.  What is going on with Nilo?  I believe 
Nilo is also using tagged images.  They may use their own tagged-image 
format that is different from what mknbi creates and what Etherboot uses. 
I'm not sure.

I checked out the Nilo home page (, but have not 
quite figured out what to make of it.  It seems PXE compatibility is a 
goal;  It also seems that there are several competing schemes for network 
booting right now.

Can anyone shed some light on the current state of network booting 
initiatives, and how Etherboot, Nilo, PXE, GRUB, etc. fit in.  I'm 
interested mostly in sharable, open-source solutions, but any information 
on the topic would be appreciated.



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