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Re: rtl8139 driver patch

>I noted that the driver size for the rtl8139 driver was, as suspected 
>quite high.  I looked at the source (rtl8139.c) and noticed that the 
>transmit buffer was being allocated for 4 buffers.  I also noticed that 
>the Etherboot system is polling, and is a single-threaded architecture. 
>I then downloaded the rtl8139A data sheet from the RealTEK site, and 
>found that although there are 4 available transmit descriptors, there is 
>no requirement that there be 4 seperate buffers for them, since if we are 
>in full control of transmission we can be sure that only one packet is 
>put in the buffer at a time. 

Neato, now why didn't I think of that! Thanks, Marty! People, please
test this out, and if this fix works, it will go into the next release.
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