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Re: ram disk trouble (solution)

On 12/20/1999 8:29 AM jyllyj wrote:
>    mknbi-linux -x -i rom -d /dev/ram1 -r rootImage.gz -k bzImage -o 
>but i don't know how to change "rw" option to "ro" that is mknbi-linux 
>must to hack the source code ?

I think you might have to modify the code, not too much.

In mknbi.h:

at about line #118

  #define DFLT_CMDL       "auto rw"               /* Default command line 

You could change that to "auto ro", recompile mknbi and it would probably 
do what you want.  Are you sure you don't need rw access to your ram 
disk?  I guess I'm wondering about /tmp and things like that.

A more general solution might be to modify mknbi.c such that it was 
possible to specify a switch that made the default command line start 
with "auto ro", but there may be other implications.  It's probably best 
to check with the author before putting in that effort.

Anyway, hope this helps you.


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