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Re: netboot "who am i ???"

>Hello !
>  We use netboot/etherboot to boot many dos clients here.
>  the dos clients are dnc machine controllers.
>  so every client's configuration almost the same, only a little
>  different.
>  client 1 run "dnc cient1",
>  client2 run "dnc client2"..etc.
>  if we can use only 1 boot-image for every client, it seems better.
>  to implement this, every client must know "who am i", so they can
>  run the correct command line.
>  i now use this command "3c5x9cfg list" to get the mac-address for
>  deciding " who am i". ( we use 3c509b now).
>  it works.  but if netboot/etherboot offer an more easy/common way
>  for client to decide "who am i", i think maybe it's better...
>  maybe netboot/etherboot can create an "info" file when  uncompressing
>  boot-image, so clients can get  something useful from that file ?
>  or any other good ways to let client know " who am i " ???

Netbooting code does't know anything about filesystems and shouldn't. If
you want to know the identity of the client, you should do a bootp or a
DHCP query to get the IP address of the client. If you haven't assigned
an IP address to the client, you can query your NIC driver for the
MAC address.
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