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Re: ISC dhcpd, etherboot and menues

>BTW, /etc/inetd.conf in RedHat 6.1 is flawed. The line for tftpd should be
>tftp    dgram   udp     wait    root    /usr/sbin/tcpd  in.tftpd /tftpboot
>The "/tftpboot" directory is missing from the original RH61 distribution.
>According to "man tftpd" it should be the default, but somehow it
>isn't. Maybe it's worth noting this in the etherboot documentation.

In the Etherboot documentation I actually recommend using a different
directory for the tftp images, e.g. /tftpdir, because NFS exports tend
to be put under /tftpboot. If you have root FS under /tftpboot, and it's
exported with tftpd, someone could guess /tftpboot/clientname/etc/passwd
and fetch it for cracking.

>BTW, the ISC dhdpd comes with the recent RFC's for dhcp and bootp. It
>would be nice if these could be put on the etherboot web-pages or even
>included in the package. They are fairly easy to read and were very
>helpful for me to fix this problem: rfc951, rfc2131, rfc2132

Unfortunately I don't believe that I should overload the Etherboot package
with documents that are publicly available in standard archives. Among
other things I do not wish to take on the added hassle of updating them
when RFCs are superceded. And where does one stop? Should I throw in all
the bootp RFCs? tftp, including the optional negotiated options? What
about mtftp, another related standard? What's so hard about going to
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