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Dropping NFS mounts

Sorry for the off-topic subject, but I thought this group may have
relavent experience:

I currently running a diskless Linux (RedHat 6.1 with the 2.3.29 kernel)
that is dropping it's mounts.

I havn't spotted anything in the log files (sent to another machines 
syslogd to keep NFS out of it).  No errors are being sent to console.

Roughly daily, I'm losing /usr, /usr/src/linux, and /proc which comprise
all of my mounts with the exception of /.  Last night I only lost /usr/src/
linux.  Previous nights resulted in loss of all three.

"top" and "ps" are being used as a diagnostic tools.  Loss of /proc prevents
both from running.  Loss of /usr/src/linux results in a complaint about
having the wrong /usr/src/linux/ by top.  Loss of /usr results in
top not being found <grin>.  So far, I havn't lost /.

The kernel remains running, and mount request are satifised without 
problem if I reissue them.

This is my first use of NFS under Linux, so if there is a basic stability
problem there, or with 2.3.29 in this situation, please just say so.

Kevin Carpenter
Kevin's Home Page:
(Expressing his comments from home in St. Louis, where this message originated)
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