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Re: Still RTL8139 Problems (combination with ps2 mouses)

>> >I'm still a little confused, how the improvement came from out of version
>> >4.2.9 to 4.2.10 and why it isn't able to tftp ...
>> I think it was random. It could have just as easily become worse if the
>> wrong part of the stack was destroyed.
>> What about other models of NICs, do they have the same problem? If they
>> do then it's a strong possibility that the BIOS is using some memory
>> just under 640k.
>Hm, I tried a NE2000-PCI clone (rtl8029) with 4.2.9 etherboot, no problem
>with ps2 mouse ... tftp starts and systems works fine. Other NICs were not
>at hand.

I have one report from Petr Kristof that RTL8139 works for him. I forgot
to ask you if you removed all the extra #defines when compiling the
RTL8139 ROM image, if the footprint is close to or > 32kB it may cause
heap/stack collision with unpredictable results.
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