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Re: Still RTL8139 Problems (combination with ps2 mouses)

>In all cases I use a newer AWARD bios (4.51), there is no chance to
>disable the mouse...

How about if you disconnect the mouse while booting and connect it only
after booting? This is not practical for daily use of course, it's just
to prove a theory.

>>This experiment to see if the BIOS is doing something special in the
>>presence of a mouse. I suspect it's loading some code or data at the
>>top of 640k, which would upset Etherboot's stack.
>I'm still a little confused, how the improvement came from out of version
>4.2.9 to 4.2.10 and why it isn't able to tftp ...

I think it was random. It could have just as easily become worse if the
wrong part of the stack was destroyed.

What about other models of NICs, do they have the same problem? If they
do then it's a strong possibility that the BIOS is using some memory
just under 640k.
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