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get *.dos/*.com into image....

Hello @all,

I read all the documentation, I tried everything that I know, but I did
not succeed in binding in  the *.dos/*.com-driver I got for my Netgear
Fa410TX PCMCIA-Network-Card so that it appears in the list when
selecting the right NIC in "makerom".

the path where I copied the is:

and the path for fa410.dos with its PROTOCOL.INI is:

Am I right? If yes why can't I choose it on the list? This would be the
first question. 

The second ist of a more general nature:
My goal is to boot our old Notebook via LAN. I use therefore the binary
from (version 3). Will it work with a netboot boot floppy?
(Loading the kernel via TFTP, after having received the IP from the

have a nice day! 
hoping someone can help me,


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