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Loader error: format in netboot 0.9.8

I got this error message on some computer each time (with NB 0.9.8;
0.9.7 works OK), after analysing the code I patched bootrom at romstA.

Before romstA ebx is # doublewords to be copied.

Original code:
romstA: mov     eax,[edi + ebx * 4]     ! we have to do the copying routine
        mov     [esi + ebx * 4],eax     ! by hand (instead of using movsd)
        dec     ebx                     ! because movsd just uses si/di, not
        jnz     romstA                  ! esi/edi.

Modified code:
romstA:	dec     ebx
	mov	eax,[edi + ebx * 4]
	mov	[esi + ebx * 4],eax
	jnz	romstA

After the change then computer boots correctly, as did with 0.9.7. :)
Please add the change to your distribution.

Jerzy Tarasiuk
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