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where did I go wrong ???

I am trying to netboot my client from my linux Box server which has Redhat 8 
.While giving the command makerom i provide the followling information

The PCI vendor ID for my client network card is 10ec and PCI device ID is 
8139 .I entered command line packet driver:0X60 and minimum execution size 
in bytes :-1 and maximum execution size on bytes:-1 ( I hope i provided 
correct information till now).I downloaded the packet driver for the network 
card and  provided the same packet driver for the makerom command .I then 
created bootrom floppy and tested the configuration of the floppy and got 
the same result as in documentation but my problem is after giving the 
mknbi-linux -x -d ram -i rom -r init.gz -k bzImage -o bootImage.nbi
and booting the client throught floppy..the client shows
Blocksize 1432 Filesize 1389568 Timeout 15
reads the block
then give
Starting images
the client RAM size is 64 MB
can anybody help me why this is happening :(((
do i need to setup NFS server too ...the documentation netboot HOW-TO 
document for Linux by Bill Dooley doesn't say anything about NFS server 
thank you very much for your help


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