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Re: 32 kB ROM on 3c509b


> Of course this is possible. I also do have the documentation for the
> 3C509B, and actually this page switching already works for older
> 3C905B (which do have a bug which requires switching) and also for
> Intel cards with a 595 chipset (which can only access 8kB in one
> chunk). It is fairly easy to implement a flash routine into makerom
> which allows page-switching (the 3C509B allows using Flash EPROMs - for
> normal EPROMs there is currently no provision for supporting page

Hu? Why does it matter what memory technology the chip uses?!

> switching). All necessary functions are already there, so it's just
> a matter of calling a couple of subroutines. However, I don't have
> the necessary hardware to test it, so it never got into the distri-
> bution. I do have a 3C509B, but unfortunately it lacks a ROM socket.

So, you've got some source code that could be used for implementing
it, which is not public (yet)?

Cya, Florian
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