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hardcoded config


I'm looking for a PXE second-stage loader to use with a Broadcom 5702
gigabit card. Currently I can use netboot without problems as a primary
boot loader off a floppy disk (with a 3Com card). What I want to see is:

1. PXE ROM gets the IP address and file name via DHCP.

2. PXE ROM loads netboot from the server.

3. Netboot gets the IP address from the same server using UNDI stack.

4. Netboot loads some predefined file, name of which is compiled-in.

Is there a way to do (4)? As far as I could see, it is not present in
netboot. If I add such an option, what are the chances of it being
included into the netboot distribution? Do you see other solutions (the
goal is not to have complicated DHCP/BOOTP server on Windows server)?
Pxelinux didn't work for me due to the tsize requirement for the TFTP
server, and grub lacked UNDI driver.

Any idea would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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