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Re: "main.bin not found" (Was: (NONE))

Hello, ("amogh ayachit") wrote in">
> [...]
> /usr/bin/bcc -0 -X-d -Ms -i- -o main.bin main.o doscan.o printscan.o 
> printhex.o
> printinfo.o io.o
> Usage: /usr/bin/bcc [-ansi] [-options] [-o output] file [files].
> make[2]: *** [main.bin] Error 1

this helps... Didn't you say you are using Red Hat? Somehow Red Hat
managed to get hold of a version of BCC which uses some different
command line parameters. I've got a similar bug report from someone
else already. Since I'm planning on completely removing the use of
BCC for version 0.10 (which is still to come, the next version will
be 0.9.8, due within a week or so) I'm not going to delve any deeper
into this BCC matter. However, unless you want to participate in
netboot development you don't need BCC. I would therefore recommend
to just rename /usr/bin/bcc to something else. configure will then
be unable to find BCC and will not use your version. The upcoming
version 0.9.8 will have a configure option with which you can turn
off any call to BCC. You can wait for that version if you like, or
just use the renaming fix explained above.


Gero Kuhlmann, gkminix, Germany
Tollenbrink 18, 30659 Hannover   
Groote Gracht 33, 26723 Emden    
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