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3x problem with 0.9.7

mknbi-linux: when create image on machine with ipv6, add  string
"ip=::::::any", not ipv4 format.

mknbi-dos: why is required in root od ms-dos file system?
where is command com I can say in config.sys.

mknbi-mgl: color R-G-B is in BIOS 4-2-1, not 1-2-4. The bug is still in
source and documentation.
And when I use const blue, black and red, and use them in print command,
color of foreground not change. But when I use directly the ESC sequence,
color change everytime.
On older mknbi-mgl I was unable to change color.

And I have some problem with older ROM with new mknbi-linux. Image created
with newer mknbi do not start correctly, because do not found
correct ramdisk. New mknbi with new ROM work fine.
Because I have ROM on HDD, is not problem quickly upgrade it. But maybe
somebody in future will have the same problem.


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