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New netboot version 0.9.7 released


after some weeks of development I have released version 0.9.7 of
netboot today. Besides some minor bug fixes it includes major changes
to mknbi-dos:

- It is now possible to use various kinds of DOS: MS-DOS, DR-DOS,
  OpenDOS, PTS-DOS, FreeDOS and probably others. mknbi-dos tries
  to identify the DOS version and setup the ramdisk accordingly.
  Since I only have a limited selection of different DOS kinds please
  try out this new version and let me know if and how it works. For
  further reference please see the man page of mknbi-dos.
- mknbi-dos is now accompanied by a new tool named nbramdrv.sys. This
  is a DOS device driver which makes the initial ramdisk permanent and
  accessible as an ordinary DOS device. nbramdrv is explained in the
  mknbi-dos man page.
- There is now full support for 16-bit FATs and filesystem sizes up
  to 256 MB.
- All assembler files in mknbi-dos can now be processed using the GNU


Gero Kuhlmann, Hannover     0511/6497525 (Voice)

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