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Netboot with a USB network adapter?

 I reciently bought an i-opener from e-bay that is just a striped down
computer to look on the net with. well it doesnt have any PCI slots and
no built in network so i am stuck using USB. It has 16mb flash that i
could use to store any kind of information to boot from. To put a HD in
these things will cost me $8 a cable + a laptop HD for about $80 for a
20gig that i dont need. I only plan on playing OOG files, looking on net,
and editing text. Currently i have no USB network so if you only happen
to have one working i can get that! i am currently looking at the D-Link
650, good, bad?

If i cant use netboot or etherboot then any other ideas that i could use
that 16mb flash memory for so that i can mount almost all but boot over
NFS, this way i can always apt-get upgrade every night for each I-Opener
(plan on using Debian). I will need to be able to access the local USB as
my brother wants to use his archos MP3 player, and need access to local
sound card. I was thinking of booting basic Linux in 16mb then chroot
/mnt/NFSshare, but wouldent this make me loose USB and sound?


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