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Re: Have novell rpl ipx boot for linux

Hi there,

> There is MARS (Martin Stover's Netware Emulator) which can run on Linux
> and it can be used for Netware RPL boot. You do not need RPL.COM or NLM.
> You need put few files in sys:login directory to make it working - e.g.
> net$dos.sys containing boot floppy image if you have Novell bootrom.
> The idea of RPL boot is that bootrom finds a file server, connects to
> it as NOT-LOGGED-IN, and accesses file(s) from SYS:LOGIN directory.

Have you actually did this? I has allways though NOVEL RPL would not
work without some specialized daemon, and that mars did not provided
those services...

And about net$dos.sys, can I build it from any bootable floppy, just
using dd?

[]s, Fernando Lozano
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