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RE: Have novell rpl ipx boot for linux

There is MARS (Martin Stover's Netware Emulator) which can run on Linux
and it can be used for Netware RPL boot. You do not need RPL.COM or NLM.

You need put few files in sys:login directory to make it working - e.g.
net$dos.sys containing boot floppy image if you have Novell bootrom.

The idea of RPL boot is that bootrom finds a file server, connects to
it as NOT-LOGGED-IN, and accesses file(s) from SYS:LOGIN directory.

Jerzy Tarasiuk

--- The question was:
Have or can anybody create and compile software for RPL boot server on =
linux analog to
rpl.nlm or on Novell netware or Personal netware systems on ipx.
Ipx is on linux but why not RPL? I have RPL.COM tsr and can i  send =
anybody to recompile to linux.
"Marian Mlcoch, Ing" <>
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