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RE: Need Help

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Subj:	Need Help

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> Hi technical support

here is a discussion group, not a technical support. But anyway...

> I 'm using the NE2000 lancard and i need Bootrom(file.bin). 

NE2000 driver requires specifying IOBASE and IRQ parameters -
you may use my autodetect code which detects them and invokes
the driver with proper parameters, it is on my page, although
it is not accessible now, you can get files from it sending
e-mail to, containing line like
"DIR boot" or "GET boot/filename". You will need two files:
"tests.htm" and "". 3C509 driver does not need it.

> Reality I use the  NE2000 Series with winnt server4.0 

- what services are available in your net for network boot?
  (e.g. NetWare server, DHCP, BOOTP, TFTP)
- what system is to be booted on the computer with the card?
  (e.g. DOS, Linux, Windows - which version?)

If you want to boot Windows, it may be serious problem, as
I did not solve the problem of Windows network boot till now.

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