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Re: New Person!

On Wed, Sep 19, 2001 at 04:35:28PM +0100, Duncan Cragg wrote:
> Are there any NICs with ready-made or pre-installed
> (jumper-enabled) BOOTP ROMs so I don't have to
> buy a PROM burner??

I believe the Linux Terminal Server Project lists a couple
of resources on their web site. Among other things, there is
a link to some company that sells pre-burned EPROMs (I believe,
the company that I saw, only burns etherboot; there might be
others that also do netboot images). All you need do, is let
the vendor know which NIC(s) you have. I believe, the EPROMs
are pretty reasonably priced (i.e. ~$15). These days, there is
a very good chance, that any card that you might have is
supported by etherboot.

I am sorry that I cannot give any URL, because I am currently
somewhat limited in my net access and cannot browse the web
until I am done reinstalling my Dad's old Pentium 60 -- this
should be done in a few hours or so ;-)

If you just want to try out diskless booting without all the
trouble of burning an EPROM (or flashing the FlashProm if your
card comes with one), then you can always boot the image from
floppy. Go to Marty's excellent and
download a suitable image.

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