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stop press, bug in first-linux.S

Chris Johns discovered this one in the last hour. first.S sometimes
fails when moving the ramdisk image. Apparently not all BIOSes trigger
the bug, which is why it wasn't found earlier. This will be in the
next release, but if you are getting the message "Failed to move ramdisk
to end of memory", try this patch.

diff -c first-linux.S.orig first-linux.S
*** first-linux.S.orig  Mon Jul 24 23:31:08 2000
---- first-linux.S       Mon Jul 24 22:45:35 2000
*** 1750,1755 ****
---- 1750,1757 ----
        dec     BLOC(rd_dstb+2)         ; decrement dest address
        mov     cx,CON(0x8000)          ; move in chunks of 64k/2 words
        push    ax                      ; save register
+       push    cs                      ; pass gdt in es:si
+       pop     es
        mov     si,CON(rd_gdt)
        mov     ax,CON(0x8700)
        int     0x15
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