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Re: how to... join Etherboot with my IPX bootrom?

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> You can fit Etherboot for the 509 in 16 kB if you remove some options
> from the compile. I'm using a 16kB ROM myself. Etherboot cannot use

I do not know what options were removed (if any) by the person who
compiled bootroms I am using (and which size I used) - if it is
possible to remove more and still have it working. The fact you
use 16kB ROM, if you do not need to put more code there, does not
mean I will be able to fit it with over 2kB of additional code.

> packet drivers. Netboot does, but I have no idea how big the ROM will be.

I tested it already - with minimal kernel it can fit in 16kb easily.

Jerzy Tarasiuk
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