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Re: [UCE]: WERBUNG für kostenloses Finanzportal.

Klaus Muth wrote:
> wrote:
[UCE censored]
> Hu? How did this work? I thought, you had to subscribe if you want to send
> in the mailing list.

I think that policy was changed a few weeks ago to make the mailing list
more accessible for normal users having trouble with netboot packages.

The argument that convinced the mailing list admin was that SPAM (not to
confuse with UCE) can be mostly caught by means such as ORBS.  ORBS however
cannot block UCE - in fact I believe blocking UCE is impossible with reasonable

Just as a side note: the subscription check cannot really block SPAM/UCE,
because the spammer just needs to use the sender address of someone who is
actually subscribed in the From: line.  However I wouldn't take this as an
advice on actually getting SPAM through on other lists - the misused address
is easily spotted by the rightful owner, which might not take this very
kindly.  Many abusers have been mailbombed or worse for such behaviour.

BTW: I complained to (the user came directly from an AOL
dialin IP number, so that address should be the right one in this case).

I hope that this is enough to close this UCE case.  Back to more interesting

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