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EtherBoot 4.6.2 no net traffic on RTL8029 - Solution

Hello to all,

I posted a few days ago a question about EtherBoot not
working where NetBoot works. Here is the solution
(from the SourceForge site, EtherBoot project, Help
discussions forum:

      BY: rcs
      DATE: 06/26/00 03:00
      SUBJECT: Etherboot-4.6.2 doesn't work!!!


It looks like from etherboot-4.5.5 rtl8029 support is
You can: 
1. use any version befor 4.5.5 or 
2. in file ns8390.c comment lines: 
      #ifdef INCLUDE_NS8390 
      eth_flags |= FLAG_16BIT; /* force 16-bit mode */


Good luck,

Ioan (John) NIKY Pricop
Bucharest - ROMANIA

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