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Re: Realtek RTL8139 and netboot or etherboot

> I wnat to boot Linux on a diskless using a Realtek RTL8139 100Mbit/s
> NIC.
> I have compiled netboot-0.9.0e but it seems the RTL8139 is not
> supprted.  Should I select
> 	(0)     unknown card with user supplied driver
> and if so, where can I get a driver for this card?
> Or does etherboot support this NIC?  How large will the EPROM be with
> netboot and with etherboot?  Can I use 32KByte, i.e. 27256 types?

	much better you use etherboot for your NIC! It has a good full
supported driver for the rtl8139 chipset. Etherboot runs more smoothely
than netboot ...

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