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RPC: sendmsg returned error 101

I found the following in the archives:

>>Just after the kernel (on my diskless box) tries to mount the root
>>filesystem, it starts spewing "RPC: sendmsg returned error 101".  On
>>the server, everything under /var/log/messages looks ok (The it notes
>>the mount request from the diskless and then states that the file
>>tree has been mounted by the diskless).  And I do know that my NFS
>>server is working, since two other workstations in the house can
>>mount it without problems.
>Do you have portmap running on the client? I seem to remember this
>is needed.

How would one make portmap run on the client side? My guess is by being
sure it is compiled into the DC's kernel, but I see no make menuconfig
option dealing with portmap, and I've enabled every possible NFS option.

Thx - Eric

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