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"make card.fd0" does not work

The README of etherboot 4.5.7 states:

  You can test the image with a floppy before programming an EPROM. On
  Linux just put a blank floppy in fd0 and say make card.fd0 where card
  is the name of your network card and it will copy a bootable image
  onto the floppy. 

However, if i try this, i get:

rebehn@oslo:~/linux/netboot/etherboot-4.5.7/src$ make 3c905.fd0
make: *** No rule to make target `3c905.fd0'.  Stop.

This used to work in earlier versions (did not upgrade for quite some

Also, the README says:

	If you do set the IDs correctly, the floppy version will work, but the
  	ROM will not.

I think it should read: "If you do NOT set the IDs..."


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