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Traffic while booting II

#include <hallo.h>

Some weeks ago i posted a mail to this list that while booting 11-12MByte
went over the wire, and why it hang at "mounting NFS mounts". Now i know
why. The Libc from SuSe 6.2 wasn't stripped. After stripping traffic fell
down to 5 MByte. The latancy at "mounting NFS mounts" came through a
"ldconfig" in the NFS-mount-Script (/etc/ wasn't changed. Now
only /lib is in it.)

After many, many minutes of stripping everything down to the least
possibel. I'm now a 3,2MByte of traffic for booting and 45 Secs from
flipping the switch until the login-Prompt shows. (Before it was 1:10, a
win of 25 Secs. The computer needs 15 Secs for it's POST.)

Another positive effekt was that i could shrink the size for the NFS-Root
to 4,8MB (First, running, version was 60MB)

I don't think i'm "fanatic" but has someone had more "luck" in boot-time
&| Size of the NFS-Root? (I have only things i need to create a
DOS-Partition on a local Hard-Drive and install a Tar-Archive with the
Application that will later run on that computer. -> Not much more than
you can find on a tomsrtbt "rescue" distribution)

Bis denn

Real Programmers consider "what you see is what you get" to be just as 
bad a concept in Text Editors as it is in women. No, the Real Programmer
wants a "you asked for it, you got it" text editor -- complicated, 
cryptic, powerful, unforgiving, dangerous.

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