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Problem mounting proc at boot


I'm having problems setting up etherboot on Mandrake.

I have followed the instruction for setting up RH5, actually using the
script in the tutorial to generate the directory structure.  Everything
works fine until just after the nfs export is mounted.  Then the kernel
tries to mount proc, according to the entry in fstab:

/proc /proc proc defaults 0 0

(/proc does exist in the exported tree)

and it fails.  This then leads several other processes to fail, all of which
attempt to mount proc, and all getting the error

'proc has wrong device number or filetype proc not supported by fs'

I'm going nuts trying to sort this out.  I have ltsp running, and it gets
the same error with the same kernel, but carries on regardless, probably cos
it only has to run a shell and an Xserver.  Could it be that I have an
option missing in my kernel?


John King

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