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RE: netboot "who am i ???"

On Wed, 22 Dec 1999 wrote:

} Šķ 99/12/22 06:07:56 AM
} >Hi, this is just a case I wrote some software for.
} >I am using my own NetWare bootrom, which utilizes packet driver,
} >and allows reading files (by DOS functions 3D, 3F) from sys:login
} >(a PXE compatible bootrom may allow reading files by TFTP).
} >The bootrom reads one file from NetWare server - the file contains
} >some header, and an Turbo C compiled program which is to control
} >the boot. The program reads configuration file, and finds in it
} >name of boot image and config.sys file. The config.sys is read
} >into memory, and when config.sys on the image is accessed, the
} >program puts the file from memory. Why? This way I can have one
} >boot image, and one config.sys for every workstation (recently
} >I reconfigured all dos 6.22 workstations to use it). Note the
} >config.sys may contain SET command to set environment variable.>
} >I also wrote a program which allows all config files for all
} >workstations to be kept in single file - during boot it reads
} >the file and extracts lines suitable for particular workstation
} >- these files are put on ramdrive.
} >This all made administration of boot config much easier to me.
} >If you assume my programs may be useful to you let me know.
} >As revard I expect you to help me writing good documentation.
} >Jerzy
}     Yes i m interested. but i wonder how this can be used with
} netboot/etherboot ???     i would like to test it . thanks a lot !!!

i'm interested too :), thx a lot


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