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Re: PS/2 mice causing RTL8139+Asus mes/n+etherboot 4.2 to not boot

Bill Broadley wrote:

> We've been going mad trying to get our new Asus MES-N + etherboot-4.2 prom
> diskless linux boxes to boot.
> If we insert a ps/2 mouse it won't boot, the BIOS claims the ethernet
> card is on the irq we select (i.e. 5,7,9,10 or similiar), but it seems
> to be conflicting with the mouse (usually at 12).  We have tried a significant
> number of changes to try to get this to work.
> Any ideas if it's a hardware problem? Bios? Etherboot config?
> Or similiar?
> Basically what happens is:
> Etheretboot/32 version 4.2.5 for [RTL8139]
> Found SMC E210/10 at 0xA800, ROM address 0X0000000
> Probing...[RTL8139]RTL8139 driver for etherboot-4.2 I/O A800 00:E):29:53:25:F8
> Searching for server (DHCP)...
> My IP, Server IP, GW IP
> Loading /tftpboot/lts/vmlinuz.rt8139 ... <sleep
> <sleep>
> ...

What  do you use. Floppyboot?
I run a lot of teste with MES-N  . All woks perfect without one main problem. It
is not possible to put
etherboot to the Award Bios with cbrom.
The MES-N has a Intel 82558 NIC , so I use eepro100  etherboot with no problems..
Try this instead of  RTL8139.

Have you put the RTL8139 code to the Bios with cbrom.?  Please report  cbrom
version and  options.


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