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Re: Newbie question

On 12/9/1999 8:52 AM Kevin Carpenter wrote:
>Yes.  Indeed I tested TFTP from a 3rd machine and can transfer the
>boot image - bzImage.nbi.

Are you getting any messages in /var/log/messages on your tftp server 
that indicate that the client is trying to download the file?  Usually 
tftpd puts out a line like:

    Dec  9 02:04:21 mcw tftpd[19443]: tftpd: trying to get file: 

Followed by a line like:

    Dec  9 02:04:46 mcw mountd[478]: authenticated mount request from

Another debugging technique if you're able to be at the console of the 
server machine is to use tcpdump to monitor the conversation. For example

    /usr/sbin/tcpdump -n | grep

to see traffic to and from the particular client.  You need to be root to 
do this, but if you're setting up dhcpd, you evidently are.

What kind of ethernet card are you using, btw?



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