Ytree; a UNIX Filemanager

Ytree screenshot

Ytree - a (curses-based) file manager similar to DOS Xtree(tm).

...for browsing filesystems and archives (RAR/SPM/RPM/TAR/ARC/LHA/ZIP/ZOO).

New in 1.99pl1

New in 1.98

New in 1.97

New in 1.96

New in 1.95

New in 1.94

New in 1.93 New in 1.92 New in 1.91 New in 1.90 New in 1.89 New in 1.88


Ytree is reported to run on following platforms:


In most instances, it should be sufficient to uncomment the section for your platform in 'Makefile' (Default is linux). Type 'make' followed by 'make install'. If you want, customize ytree by editing '$HOME/.ytree'.

Where to get ytree:

You can get the ytree source directly from this WebPage:

ytree-1.99pl1.tar.gz (122 kB / Sep 04, 2016)

Other places:

Arch linux users:
Debian Users:
FreeBSD Users:

Other XTree Clones:

Have a look at the XTree Fan Page! Here you can find everything about the legendary XTree and links to various other XTree clones.


Last but not least take a look on the homepage of Jeff Johnson, the author of the original XTree and XTreeGold (Thank you Jeff, for your great work!).


ytree is distributed as free software under the GNU license (see COPYING in the distribution for more information).


Bug reports/comments/patches are welcome:

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